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SB 9 & SB 10 Override Local Regulations
State laws like SB 9 & SB 10 allow developers to split existing residential lots and build multi-unit housing on each new lot, even if prohibited by local zoning.

Your Neighborhoods Are in Jeopardy
The State has passed laws that force cities to approve multi-unit housing project that violate their zoning and growth regulations, including in residential neighborhoods. A developer could buy the home next to yours, tear it down, and build four new houses or a ten-unit apartment building.

Not Enough Parking
The State laws reduce or eliminate parking requirements for new housing developments, resulting in worsening street parking congestion. The Eden Housing project will provide only about half of the spaces required by city codes.

Substituting Grass Strips for a Public Park
The Eden Housing buildings have grown since their original design resulting in the ‘public park’ between them becoming a long narrow strip of grass.

Perpetuating Segregation and Blocking Inclusionary Housing
Constructing large apartment buildings that only house low-income and below tenants, instead of integrating affordable units with market-rate units, creates segregated housing.

Using Inflated Housing Waitlist Numbers
Eden Housing presented inflated Livermore Section 8 Housing Waitlist numbers when presenting to the City Council for their project’s approval. They claimed the list included 13,000 households when it actually contained 1,500, exaggerating the housing needs.

Using High-Paid Lobbyists
Affordable housing developers utilize high-paid lobbying firms to sell their projects. Eden Housing employed CoUrbanize and EveryAction to mobilize a large group of people from outside Livermore to speak during the City Council approval hearings and swamp the public comments.

Profiteering Off Poverty
Many ‘affordable housing non-profits’ bring in a lot more money than they spend, and are paying large salaries to their top executives. From 2016 to 2019 (the latest year tax records are available), Eden Housing brought in a total of $211 million, while only spending $68 million, and in 2019 paid its CEO $415K, and top three executive over $1M combined.

We are collecting signatures for a petition to the mayor and City Council asking them to relocate the Eden Housing project. You can sign the petition online here:

Dear Mayor Woerner and City Council,

On behalf of all the citizens of Livermore, we wish to submit the following letter:

We the citizens of Livermore are deeply concerned about your continued support for developers in our city while silencing your own citizens. You are allowing Eden Housing to build super-sized low-income (affordable housing) buildings on the last piece of open space in downtown Livermore, in disregard of most of the citizens of Livermore, including families with children. For the past year we have petitioned, written, attended council meetings, and met with council members, but our concerns have been overlooked by your administration. This is an open letter to you to please consider building Eden Housing in another location in Livermore. Many possibilities have been offered, including the corner of Stanley and Murrieta Blvd., or across the street on Railroad Ave. We are not against inclusive, fully integrated ‘Affordable Housing’, but we wish to have a beautiful open-space downtown park, not high-rises that block the sun, a parking shortage, and ugly cement canyons that destroy the community character of downtown Livermore. We can have both affordable housing and a robust downtown park, if you would consider an alternative plan.

Livermore Citizens

Open Letter to City

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You can also download the petition here, print it and enter your information, then scan or photograph the page and email it back.